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16th - 29th March


Nigel ripped this photo off Adobe stock images. It’s actually a picture of two blokes walking in the Lake District looking out over the Irish Sea (honestly). Wonder if one guy’s saying to the other one: “Do you reckon that’s where they’ll put the border?"



March to Leave Britain if Brexit is a Disaster


From Bexhill to Ramsgate via all the other constituencies where Nigel was roundly rejected by voters


16th - 29th March

What is the March to Leave Britain if Brexit is a Disaster?

This historic march is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to come together and rub shoulders with the Brexit elite before they flee Britain. At the front of this extraordinary procession will be Nigel Farage, who planted his flag firmly in foreign soil when he declared: “If Brexit is a disaster I will go and live abroad, I’ll go and live somewhere else.”

A patriot. A leader.

Nigel’s emigration is inspired in no small part by other heroic salt-of-the-earth Brexiters. Leading Brexit Billionaire Jim Ratcliffe has marched off to Monaco with £4bn in tax, while Brexit cheerleader James Dyson has just moved his headquarters to Singapore. Nigel will be joined on the walk by the moneyman bankrolling the March to Leave Britain, Richard Tice - a property developer with a £500m fortune who was educated at Uppingham (fees for boarders, £12,530 a term). Marching in spirit will be Brexit funder and Wetherspoons founder Tim Martin, worth a cool £448m, who loves Britain so much he thinks the people who live here don’t need a minimum living wage.

But these men are merely support acts for the main event. This is the Nigel Farage show. As a way to celebrate the affection and respect with which our nation embraced Nigel over his quarter century political career, the March to Leave Britain if Brexit is a Disaster will pass through each of the six constituencies where Nigel failed to win a seat in Parliament, ending in Ramsgate, the town where he did ‘the double’, losing twice. We hope for some of his former competitors to join us on this unprecedented march, including Flipper the Dolphin (who beat Nigel by 1,930 votes in 2010).

At precisely 11pm on March 29th we will form an honour guard and watch as Nigel hands his passport (in blue leather sheath) to a border guard. He will then step onto a ferry and emigrate.

If for some reason you cannot join us for the March to Leave Britain, you can chip in to pay for the real March to Leave protest to be accompanied by Farage ‘fan boards’. These digital advans will accompany Farage and his marchers with motivational quotes and revealing video clips from this leader of leaders.