May 27th 2017 was a historic day. On that bright spring morning, on his LBC show, Nigel made clear exactly where he stood on immigration. “If Brexit is a disaster,” he said, “I will go and live abroad, I’ll go and live somewhere else.” Unlike the metropolitan elites, Nigel is determined to deliver on his commitment. But he needs our support. He cannot and must not walk to the port of Ramsgate alone. That’s why we’re organising a core group of marchers who will travel through each of the constituencies side-by-side with Nigel.

Becoming a marcher means you will have the opportunity to march for at least one of the days between 16th - 29th March. You can also sign up to be a member of ‘Cheers, Leader!’ - an elite cadre who will support Nigel as he starts and finishes each day by raising a pint of Bombardier in his honour. Click here to become a member of ‘Cheers, Leader!’

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A guide to the March to Leave




Being a core marcher means you will receive an official March to Leave kit to help you on the march. These are the items you will receive on the day:




To be one of the core marchers you will need to pay a one-off £50 payment via PayPal.

This is to confirm your status as a core marcher, in return you will receive:

  • An official March to Leave kit.

  • If you are marching for two days or more we will provide accomodation, breakfast and dinner free of charge. For this we thank Leave Means Leave Britain founder Richard Tice. Educated at Uppingham School (founded 1584) Richard is the CEO of asset management group Quidnet Capital and is, like Nigel, a determined and uncompromising opponent of the elites.

  • Fully paid travel once you arrive on the march. This includes coach transfers to and from the accomodation to both the start and finish points, thus ensuring the March to Leave Britain captures the spirit and essence of the Jarrow March on which it is based.